United States·September 1 - 3 2021

Moab Desert Tower Crack & Climb

Experience breath taking climbs in the desert canyonlands around Moab

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Some of the most distinctive and absolutely breath taking climbs in the world are present in the desert canyonlands around Moab. Solitary towers stand proudly against the sky as veritable sentinels above the stark surrounding landscape, virtually daring would-be climbers to test them. We offer guided climbing trips up the several moderate tower trade-routes around Castle Valley and Fisher Towers as well as climbing closer to Moab on some of the best crack climbing crags to be found just about anywhere. Desert tower climbing certainly requires some effort; routes are steep, often exposed and physically demanding but the climbing is unlike anything else! From the Kor-Ingalls and North Chimney routes on Castleton Tower to the numerous road-side cracks of Potash, fantastic options are just a stones through from Moab and in easy striking distance! Ratio: 2:1 max Experience Required


The Backcountry Pros

The Backcountry Pros

Our highly capable guides are trained by and follow the American Mountain Guides Association scope of practice. We offer industry leading experiences with special attention to safety and professionalism to help you leave the mountains with a new understanding of what is possible.  

Whether it's a day backcountry skiing in Utah's Wasatch, a 'tough as nails' day of desert crack climbing, or a multi-week journey in Alaska, we have you covered. Each trip is custom tailored to meet your goals.

What's Included

What's Included

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Moab Desert Tower Crack & Climb

United States· September 1 - 3 2021· 2 nights